Héroux-Devtek provides various levels of design, manufacturing, repair and overhaul capabilities for the following products:

  • Landing gear systems and components
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Flight controls
  • Rotor hub
  • Torque Tube
  • Steering actuators

    Development: Héroux-Devtek’s team of 75 design engineers, supported by the most recent software, tools and a complete state-of-the-art test lab, design, develop and qualify original landing gear systems.

    Manufacturing to Specifications: Innovative achievements in manufacturing engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies have long characterized Héroux-Devtek’s inclusive ability to manufacture landing gear to specifications.

    Repair and Overhaul: Experienced resources and fully integrated facilities provide repair and overhaul services to numerous operators and customers, military and commercial, on a large number of small to large size landing gear systems.

    Adding Value: Héroux-Devtek’s landing gear operations have succeeded in positioning the Company as a key supplier for OEMs in terms of providing not only manufactured components but also other services, such as design, assembly and program management, in order to become a complete service provider at highly competitive cost.


    Innovation represents a central pillar of Héroux-Devtek’s ongoing success. Experienced manufacturing engineers are constantly seeking inventive solutions and equipment to ensure that our facilities employ the most sophisticated and highest performing tools. Thus, we enhance our competitiveness and remain a leader in our industry.

    Héroux-Devtek’s specialized and fully integrated facilities cover the complete spectrum of services required for the manufacture, repair and overhaul of landing gear systems.

    Héroux-Devtek’s Landing Gear operations feature these manufacturing capabilities:

    • Precision machining of large and complex components
    • Injection drill
    • CNC boring
    • CNC lathe and GAP lathe
    • Grinding

    The division also specializes in the following processes:

    • Chrome, nickel (sulfamate & electroless), cadmium and titanium-cadmium plating
    • Temper etch
    • Anodize, hard anodize
    • Painting

    Systems Integrations

    Coordinating the seamless integration of sub-systems represents a challenge for any manufacturer of technology. High level systems integration is key to Héroux-Devtek’s Landing Gear operations, in regard to both internal manufacturing organization – and to external alignment with diverse aircraft programs.

    Héroux-Devtek’s systems integration proficiency is a powerful asset with respect to the research and authentication of novel materials and innovative processes for new landing gear. Such expertise can provide the Company’s customers with significant time and cost savings in terms of engineering and the management of supply. 

    A strong Supply Chain Management team supports the procurement and logistics activities related to the integration of complete landing gear systems with suppliers and partners around the globe.

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