Other products


Héroux-Devtek has an outstanding track record of designing, developing, manufacturing, assembling and testing fluid filtration applications for the aerospace industry. Most Rolls-Royce aero-engines use Héroux-Devtek fluid filters, and over 200 airlines in more than 100 countries use our filters for optimum protection. Héroux-Devtek also enjoys similar success with many North-American and European air forces throughout the world. We cover a complete range of products for aero engine fuel and oil systems, aircraft hydraulic systems, pressure differential indicators, and by-pass and other valves.

Electronic Enclosures

Héroux-Devtek manufactures electronic enclosures, heat exchangers, and cabinets for suppliers of airborne radar, electro-optic systems and aircraft controls. Our facility provides competencies in vacuum/dip brazing and metal joining technology and became Canada's first facility to be Nadcap certified in aluminum vacuum brazing. We specialize in the fabrication and assembly of complex precision parts; the design of brazed chassis; the construction of light weight chassis and components; the brazing of chassis holding close tolerances; and the manufacturing of products used in high stress working environment.